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~Much thanks to Fabian Schade in the South Bay 
for this picture of our new Lounge Chair!~
Eamesy Style Lounge Chair & Ottoman 2 - Black Leather / Rosewood Finish

"They are awesome! Thanks again"
Eamesy Style Side Chair Weave Beige Wood-Base-Dark

"Here you go.  Take care!"
Eamesy Style Side Chair Satin Wood-Base-Light

"The chairs look fabulous in our new dining room and go great with the table and bench we got."
Eamesy Style Side Chair Semigloss Wood-Base-Light

"The chairs look great in the office... I couldn't really get any decent pictures, but here's one just to show how I'm using them."
Eamesy Style Armchair Satin Wire-Base-Black

"We're quite happy with it! It looks great against a pale blue wall."
Eamesy Style Side Chair Weave Wood-Base-Light

Much thanks to the team at Swell Spaces for these photos featuring MCM chairs in one of their interior design projects! :-D

"We paired the chairs with a walnut table and they work great."

"Oh, also included a pic of the chairs we purchased.  They've been great."

"The table made it safe and sound."

"It was a little bit of a challenge to assemble by myself but I did it :) 
"Looks really good with our dining table and bench. It was a good call to get the clear ones instead of white ones."

"LOVING our chairs!"


"Here are a few photos of the chairs. 
They look fantastic! Thank you for your help."


"The lounge chair looks fantastic in our living room !! Check this out ;-)"


"The womb chair has found residence in our main entry way (picture below) and the white chairs are doing great in our conference rooms! Thanks for checking in, everything is working great!"



"Hi ! I just got them cause I was out of town. They look great !!!"



"It's perfect. I love it. You guys rock!

"I also had taken some shots of the other setup I bought from you guys a while back (dining chairs)."



"Hey guys!! Chairs look great!"



"They arrived yesterday and they're great!! Check it out! I took some pictures this morning. Thanks for everything!!"



Im into this new app that kinda makes short little gifs, so no picture, but heres a gif ;)

I recently purchased an Eames Lounge reproduction from Charlie for my wife as a Christmas gift.  Not only is it super comfortable but we've compared it to several authorized versions and found it to be better made and at a vastly more reasonable price.  Here is the lounge in its new home where it gets daily use.  Thank you for delivering such a great product. ~Alex





Hi Charlie,
Here are some photos of the chairs "in action,"
as requested by your tall colleague (whose name I can't remember).
I'm loving them!
These are small jpgs--didn't realize I had my camera on a low setting.
Let me know if you would like larger versions and I'll shoot some more.
Best to you, and thanks for your excellent work


"Hi Charlie,
First of all I have to compliment you on your website.
It is very user friendly, thorough and just good looking.
The customer photos and how to assemble. Great job! I am sold!"
"The chairs look great. Check out some pic below." 



"Hey Mongers! I purchased three of your beautiful chairs, in three different colors, a couple months back.
Finally, here is a photo of our mostly finished dining table set up. Thanks so much for these rad chairs!"



Minneapolis Historical Museum picked up some of our knockoffs for
their Toys of the 50's,  60's and 70's Exhibit.



"Hi Charlie,
Here is the pic as promised of the chair I got today.
I will be back next month for the white satin Eiffel based chair!"


"Thanks for the help. Lookin good. We've got a few more things to pull together here
I'm sure we'll be in touch"